The world is changing, and I am excited to join a team of Brazilians who are leading some of those changes, as they follow God into His mission.  I recently accepted an invitation to become Executive Coordinator at Martureo: the Brazilian Center for Missiological Reflection. Of course, it sweetens the deal to know I get to travel to Brazil regularly!

There are actually several cool things that excite me about this new inistry.  First, I have been preparing for it all my life.  I first went to Brazil almost 45 years ago.  After college, Lois and I moved to Brazil where we began our family and learned to serve.
Second, this time I will be building upon the outcome of answered prayers.  When we first went, many friends joined us and prayed that Brazilians would one day participate in global missions.  Now thousands serve, all over the world, and invite people to follow Christ and work for justice and peace for all of humanity.  Martureo was founded by Marcos Amado to promote evaluation and reflection on the meaning and practice of mission from Brazil.

IMG_4994Third, this is building a new future.  A new generations of Brazilians is creating pathways for service and, for years to come, many people will continue to follow Christ along them!  Martureo is their tool, created by and for Brazilian leaders so they can grow in their service to Christ and participate in His mission.  And I get to join them as they figure out how to do it.

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“Fazer missões, biblicamente falando, significa ser testemunha de Jesus em todo o mundo e em todas as esferas da sociedade.”

Fourth, I am especially excited about serving in a Brazilian organization under a Brazilian boss.  It gets complicated to explain, but this means I will change organizations.  I leave my US-based mission agency–United World Mission. Now my work grows a Brazilian agency–Martureo.

If you would like to join me and support this new generation of Brazilians, or support me as I work with them, you can make tax-deductible contributions to Martureo.   You can chose to make a monthly commitment or to make a one-time contribution.

Alternatively you can mail a check to:

PO Box 480
Wheaton, IL 60187

I need your prayers more than ever.  It was a definitely a huge privilege and honor to receive this invitation to coordinate the work of Martureo. But it will be one of the biggest challenges I have faced in my life.  But I am excited about investing  my life with new generation Brazilian Christian mission leaders.

I have just returned from my first trip to Brazil for working in Martureo.  Read the full blog post about Martureo, and my participation in it.

Please pray for me in this new venture, and stand with me.

Timothy Halls (and Lois)